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​              ***NEWS UPDATE***
​R** Bandana is closed for renovations. We are installing our wine tanks and will open soon. We apologize for the inconvenience and look froward to seeing all of you Rednecks soon. Love Kate, Mike , Olivia and Staff

Located 7 miles from the beautiful Cook Forest!

Open all year!!!!
Wednesday & Thursday:
noon till 8pm
Friday and Saturday:
​ noon till 11pm
Sunday: noon till 5pm
Closed Monday & Tuesday

Enjoy our wine at the Uptown Bistro in Franklin!
              Why we named the Winery
​        “R**Bandana”("Red Neck")

With the origin of the mining industry in the Appalachian Mountains in 1883 to 1919, the coal companies controlled the miners economically, paying the workers only by scrip, tokens or credit. Miners were forced to purchase at the company store and rent the company housing plus leased the very tools they needed to mine the coal, all of which were provided at over inflated prices. Miners were forbidden to leave or shop outside the mining camp!

The conditions were so deplorable that the workers finally had an upraise starting in 1913 to 1921. 
Then in 1919 West Virginia, coal miners made a stand on Blair Mountain, where hundreds died fighting against their slave driven employers. They wore RED BANDANAS to identify themselves and earned them the nickname, ‘RED NECKS’. The term was considered an honor and at R** BANDANA Winery we are proud to be RED NECKS! 

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Have a special occasion to celebrate?!
​There is no better place to make memories to last a lifetime than the R** Bandana.

Bachelorette Parties
Office Parties

Reserve the R** Bandana for your celebrations!​

Just remember "Wine is cheaper than therapy!" So drink up!
Main Winery: 265 Allio Dr. Leeper PA                                                  Tel:(814)-744-9631                                Email:rbandanawinery@aol.com 
Second Store: Uptown Bistro 1235 Liberty St, Franklin, PA 16323      Tel:(814) 432-8900