About R** Bandana Winery 
Open Year Round

Located in North Western Pa 7 miles from Scenic Cooks Forest, R** Bandana winery is nestled on the 20 acre home estate of husband and wife Mike and Kate Hall. Surrounded by a rustic landscape.

R** Bandana winery is a product that celebrates the country recipes of the local harvest.
A winery that specializes in regional country wines from homemade recipes, focusing on the local fruits, berries.
R** Bandana Winery will include:


Kathleen Flaherty Hall has been an artist since her graduation at Carnegie Mellon in 1988. Her studio will be located above the vinery and will be displaying her work in the Winery’s Gallery along side other artisans works displayed and for sale.


French Press Café will be available with a myriad of flavors. Freshly ground and brewed per order. Sit relax and enjoy the unique atmosphere and rustic view of the grounds. 

Cheese Plates

$7 a plate that includes your choice of cheese drizzled
 with a Balsamic glaze, gourmet crackers and Mediterranean pitted olives​​.

~Smoked Gouda
~Baby Swiss
and the ever popular Red Neck Classic
~Colby cheese with pepperoni and club crackers with a side of mustard

Main Winery: 265 Allio Dr. Leeper PA                                              Tel:(814)-744-9631                                Email:rbandanawinery@aol.com 
Second Store: Uptown Bistro 1235 Liberty St, Franklin, PA 16323      Tel:(814) 432-8900